4 tips to keep you going at the track

Maintaining a steady diet is essential for motocross.  Not only do you provide your body with the right nutrients for throwing down good motos, but you also help keep your energy levels up.  There is no need to be on some ridiculous diet that disregards a whole food group.  Having a spread of different foods when you are riding, keeps your energy up and prevents you from wearing out during your time at the track.

Here are 4 tips to help you ride at your best:

Good Breakfast – Eating something in the morning gives your body fuel for the day.  If you are skipping out on breakfast, you are seriously hindering your chances at having a couple good motos.  You are “breaking the fast” your body enters each night.  Think of it this way, you wouldn’t line up on the gate with no gas in your tank would you?  A few good foods for breakfast are low sugar cereals, fruits, juices and egg whites.

Staying Hydrated – Although it is still cold out, drinking plenty of water is still a must.  Even if you are wearing a hoodie while riding, your body is exerting force and at work, resulting is heat and sweat.  You might not feel as thirsty, but your body needs to replace those fluids.  At lunch time, you can even mix a little bit of a sports drink in your water.

Snack Right – I love going for the concession stand at the track between motos, but most of the time, that stuff is fried or covered in powdered sugar.  Having a few snack foods from home will keep your stomach full and prevent you from getting too hungry.  When I say snack, it doesn’t have to be a complete meal; you can get some fruit, vegetables or a granola bar.  For skinny guys, like me, keeping calories in while exercising is important because our metabolism is so high.  We burn food off quickly and it needs to be replaced, before the body starts taking glycogen from our muscles for energy.  This is when you start to feel tired and weak.

Meals at the Track – Lunch (and dinner if you stay long enough) should be light like the snacks.  Meats like turkey and chicken are great and throw in some vegetables and you’ve got a nice sandwich.  You don’t want to be bogged down when you are done with lunch, so eating a little bit will help keep you light on your feet.  If you are still feeling hungry, grab a banana or something to hold you over during your moto.

There you have it, 4 tips to keep you going throughout the day at the track.  Although track food maybe delicious, you are better off to eat some food brought from home.  There will be less sugars, sodium and crap to bog you down during the day.  This isn’t a crazy diet, just smarter choices that will pay off at the end of the day.  And probably less trips to the nasty Porto-potties.

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