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These little berries are incredible.  These are good to have.I was just browsing and came across this site about the Acai Berry. It’s called The Informative Acai Berry Site. It explains everything you need to know about the berry like why it’s good for you, where it comes from and it even has some recipes to use the Acai berry.  This goes hand and hand with the rest of the super food list I posted before.  So, check out the site and get your hands on some of this stuff!

The link for the site is on the side, right about the Double Zero Productions link.

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  1. The benefits gained by the use of acai berry begins with the attitude while using it. First of all one should always keep in mind that it is by no means a replacement of regular exercise. Nor it should be seen as a means to eat whatever you want whenever u want while using it. Pure acai berry when used with proper exercise and a low calorie diet would be very effective in treating weight gain.

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