After workout nutrients

If you flip through a body building magazine, you see those muscle heads are taking fancy nitrogen, creatine, and “mass” shakes.  For the average racer, these are not necessary, at all.  A simple combination of protein, simple carbs and a few other vitamins/minerals will help take your training to the next level.  And you don’t have to worry about bulking up.

Your most important nutrient after a workout is protein.  It rebuilds the muscles after you break them down during your workout.  When you train, you slightly damage your cells and they are hungry.  Your body can take the protein from your daily intake, but food takes too long to digest to get the most from the protein.  Whey protein is the best help for the cells and it is digested quickly.  Therefore, your cells and muscles recover quicker and take advantage of the available protein.  By the time your body gets the protein from, let’s say chicken, the muscle has already recovered and missed out on the valuable nutrients.

The most over looked nutrient needed after any hard training sessions are carbs.  Although, whole wheat is better for you, it takes too long to digest (like the protein).  The best things to eat is a baked potato.  Because it is simpler, your body can break it down faster.  Whatever you do, your body needs glycogen to supply you with energy.  The simple carbs replenish the glycogen quickly so you can recover quicker.

Another good idea is to take a multi-vitamin.  Everyone can benefit from a multi-vitamin at any age.  Having these in you can make a difference in energy, recovering, and basic bodily functions.  You will feel better overall and your training will go a lot smoother.  If you haven’t taken any protein before, start with a simple whey protein because it will be lower in fats and sugars.  Supplements can make a huge difference in your training.  A good rule to remember: take your supplements within an hour.  The earlier the better.

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