Bananas: the oldest race fuel

These will keep you going on race day.  Not an energy drink.The banana was left out on my super foods list.  This actually should have been at the top of the list for racers, but I wanted to see what the real deal was for these were.  Everyone knows they have potassium and provide energy for a boost for snack.  But, there are more to this fruit and it should be at the top of your grocery list.

Let’s get right to the good stuff.  Bananas contain a great amount of Vitamin B6.  Okay, so there’s like a hundred different vitamins…why is this so special?  Well, B6 prevents weakness, irritability, and insomnia.  With a lack of B6, most people feel weak and when you are riding your hardest, you don’t want to feel weak.  Research has shown that two bananas will provide enough energy for a hard, 90 minute workout.

Remember that potassium article?  Well, read it again because bananas are packed with this and potassium is critical in training.  Potassium helps muscles contract properly when you exercise prevents cramping.  It also promotes brain power.  It keeps you awake and alert, which makes it great for a mid day snack before your second moto.  They also help regulate blood pressure and help reduced the chance of stroke.

The conveniences of these are perfect for busy people.  As they ripen, you can throw them in your cereal, yogurt, and smoothie.  They are easily digested, so they won’t bog you down at the track.  There are literally no reasons not to have a few bananas handy.  Eating one before you are too hungry will help keep you going and thinking clearly.  However, you have to remember moderation; one or two per day will do just fine.

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