Beat the Heat

Get in the shade and drink lots of water!It does not matter if it is California or Maine, it’s freakin’ hot.  In the summer, there’s no school, and that means plenty of time to ride.  However, the more you ride in the heat, the more you have to be aware of the effects of it.  It may not seem like you are affected by weather when it’s sunny skies, but it can creep up on you.    

Drink water, not Gatorade

Although Gatorade is meant to replenish electrolytes in you, water is the best liquid to drink at the track.  Gatorade was developed in the 60’s for the University of Florida’s football team.  Due to the long practices and heat/humidity, the players would become fatigued after an hour.  So university physicians made something to “aid the Gators”.  What I am trying to say is that unless you are riding in a GNCC, WORCS, or Enduro style race, you don’t need to drink Gatorade.  A watered down version of Gatorade would be okay after your done for the day, but drinking a lot of it, all the time, can lead to mild tooth decay, due to the acidity.  Take a look at my article on hydration for more info.      

Cold fruits

Oranges, grapes and other fruits are perfect for you between motos.  Make sure you throw the fruit in your cooler so the food is cold.  If your food is cold, it will help cool you down more, just like drinking cold water.  The sugars in the fruit will allow your body more energy to keep you going throughout the moto and day.     

Strip down

By this, I mean, take your jersey and boots off.  When your jersey is off, it will help your body’s sweat to hit the air, which is like a natural air conditioner.  When your boots are off, you lower body is cooled a little bit too.  The boots don’t let your lower legs “breath” because of the leather.  So, strip down to your pants and socks.   

Shade and cold towel

One of the most important things to do is get in the shade.  You are out of the sun and your body gets a break from the rays.  The shade feels cooler and with a cold, wet rag, you can dramatically feel better.  Make sure you wait a few minutes or pour some warm water on yourself, before putting the cold towel on you.  It’s never a good idea to change the body’s temperature quickly, as this can result in a cold if you do it enough.  If you are in a camper, don’t stay in the AC for too long.  You need to stay accustomed to the heat; so, when you come outside, it won’t be like a brick wall hitting you.    

The heat can be miserable.  However, if you stay smart and drink lots of water, riding can be more enjoyable.  Just take it easy and don’t overdo it.

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