Carbohydrates for Energy

Knowing how to properly mix two stroke oil and gas is very important.  Finding the proper ratio can help keep your “stroker” running clean and crisp to keep up with the four strokes!  However, when you don’t get that ratio right, you don’t get the power like you should and your lap times suffer.  Your diet is very similar to this.  Before and after training, your body needs nutrients to help your body maintain itself.  For racers, this means protein and carbohydrates.  Using simple and complex carbs can help you maintain energy and avoid slumps in your training.

Most people have basic knowledge on what carbs are.  They are basically sugar molecules joined in different types of structures to provide the body with energy.  The main difference between simple and complex carbs lies in the structure.  Simple carbs contain structures that can be broken down faster and easier by the body while complex carbs take longer to digest.  Many processed foods like white bread and sugary cereals contain simple carbs.  Since they are digested quickly, your blood sugar rises faster than whole bread and grains.

With this in mind, we can tailor our daily eating habits to keep our energy levels up without crashes.  Most whole wheat and grain products take longer to digest and keep your stomach full, longer.  For example, oatmeal is great in the morning because I have class and it is a long time before I eat lunch.  So, I’ll heat up some oatmeal, throw in a fruit flavored whey protein and cut up fruit.  The sucrose in the fruit keeps me awake right off the bat, while the slower digesting oats break down over time to keep my energy up.

However, right after training, your blood sugar levels are low, so eating a simple carb can help keep you from getting that tired and weak sensation.  Drinking a soda or eating a Butterfinger is not what I am talking about.  White rice, fruit, or even a small bowl of a Raisin Brand Crunch will prevent any type of crash.  The oatmeal may be good for you, but the sugars broken down are not enough and supplied fast enough for you to recover.  Remember, keep it simple before and after workouts and complex at meals.

Tired of Being Tired?

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