Diet 911: Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are officially here.  Thanksgiving has past already and now we have Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years right around the corner.  These times are usually filled with pigskin, family, and lots of food…and the occasional adult beverages.  This is also a time of binging, followed by the loosening of the belt and sleepiness.  This kind of eating has led the good ole United States as the fattest nation in the world.

If you have read any of my articles on nutrition, you know that I recommend small, consistent meals every 2 to 3 hours.  However, there are times like Thanksgiving, where it is okay to “cheat.”  Some studies have even indicated that cheating can spike your metabolism.  Yet, this cheating should not be a regular thing and has to be limited to one day.  Thanksgiving yields a massive amount of food and sweets and the one day is not going to kill your training.  If you keep pounding pumpkin pie like it’s going out of style, then it will.

If you have been training and eating well, then why not treat yourself?  Add to the fact that if you relax and let loose for a day, you won’t be tempted to cheat more often.  The main point you need to remember is to limit this eating to one day.  It is when you extend the pie and stuffing eating over the course of the weekend is when you find yourself in trouble.  So, for the next set of Holidays, remember to limit it to one day and have fun.

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