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Food is the fuel in your body...make sure you put race fuel in.Whenever I get to the track in the morning, it looks beautiful.  It is a perfect place to be.  No braking bumps, smooth jump faces and there are no ruts.  It’s almost like being on a lake before anyone else, smooth glass.  I am so excited and want to pin it as soon as my tires touch the dirt.  However, taking a sight lap and getting warmed up is extremely important.  You want to see if they have changed the track or maybe you haven’t ridden in a while, like me.  Nutrition for the day you are riding is just like taking a sight lap.  You don’t want to do anything drastic and you need to take it slow. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, hands down.  It “breaks the fast” your body has been in for the 8 or so hours while you have been asleep.  If you skip breakfast, you are only getting half of the nutrients to get you throughout the day.  Not only that, but you are also depriving yourself of energy that the food gives you to keep you awake and alert until lunch time.  When I first get up, I can’t eat anything right away, especially when it is early.  So, I might go out to the trailer and double check everything and then come in and then get something to eat.  I have tried different breakfast items, like eggs or waffles. 

However, those can be pretty “heavy” foods.  Eggs are excellent for you, but if you plan on busting out motos in the heat, I would stay away from them.  Waffles are good because the carbohydrates give you energy for anything that comes your way.  However, like most people, I love syrup on my waffles.  This is not something that you want a lot of.  Syrup is basically high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and artificial flavors.  This is not the breakfast of champions. 

I recommend a fruit smoothie.  They are light and it won’t bog you down when the going gets tough.  It is in a liquid form, so it gets into your body faster and the fruits provide you with good sugars to energize you without the crash.  To make one, get your favorite fruits, a juice and some yogurt and you’re good to go.  I like bananas and strawberries; so, I’ll throw in some ice, a couple cups of apple juice, a few spoons full of yogurt, one cut up banana and a handful of frozen strawberries.  It tastes great and it’s like going to Tropical Smoothie, but cheaper. 

For snacks, I recommend some more fruit and/or vegetables.  The sugars in fruit are indeed fructose, but, they are not as concentrated and are natural.  The vegetable provide a variety of flavor and won’t fill you up.  Celery and carrots are good choice, as they are convenient and a healthy alternative to potatoes chips.  For lunch time, I usually bum some leftovers from my parents.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes I bring peanut butter and jelly or lunch meats.  If you do bring lunch meats, make sure that you don’t drench your sandwich with mayo.  Maybe try mustard as another choice. 

Anything you bring from home is a great alternative to the food that your track may sell.  It is cheaper and ensures that you know what you are eating.  Experiment with some foods that you like during practice days, so you know what to get for the races.  Don’t try something new on race day, because no one wants to be in a porta-potty between your races!

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