Halloween Survival Guide

Food is my weakness; plain and simple.  If I like it, I will eat A LOT.  This is not a good in many different ways, especially during Halloween (which is Saturday by the way).  And Halloween means candy.  Candy is really just a bunch of simple carbohydrates and sugar.  However, there are a few safe choices for you.  If you are serious about food intake, you will take it easy with the candy!

Look for dark chocolate.  This was one on the super foods list I had a while back.  It contains flavenoids, which is also found in grape juice and red wine.  This is the stuff that makes a glass of red wine per day, healthy.  There isn’t quite as much sugar and fat.  It has been shown to lower blood pressure, unclog arteries somewhat and purify blood too.

Another good candy is something minty.  York Peppermints are good and are lower in calories and fat. They won’t kill your breath either.  Mint has been shown to help you chill out and reduces anxiety and fatigue.  Another good mint candy is Milk chocolate mint sticks from Hershey.

Almond M&Ms are a great alternative.  They have chocolate and the nuts give you a little bit of protein as well.  The almonds are low in fat and low calorie and have good fat in them which is good for your heart, which help stabilize all of the sugar you’re consuming.

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Hard candy and fruit stuff is okay.  Jolly Ranchers are great because you can have one for a while and the sugars and calories will last.  Butterscotch and Carmel hard candies are the same way.  For fruit, fruit roll ups and those kind of things are okay as well.  But you have remember, MODERATION.  If you think that since you are eating decent candy and you can have more…you have the wrong idea.  Just be conscious of what you are eating and the next week of training won’t be so bad.

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