Is Vitamin Water right for Racers?

Looks good, but it's not good for you.  I see it all the time.  It is like the new Gatorade and 50cent even has his own flavor.  What is it?  Vitamin Water.  From the sound of it, Vitamin Water seems like it is the real deal.  A multivitamin in a refreshing beverage…but who makes the beverage; Coke does.  Everything that Coca Cola makes, you should basically stay away from.

I drink this stuff too.  I’m not perfect in any way; I actually love this stuff.  However, it is LOADED with sugar.  It is basically like drinking a can of regular Coca Cola.  In a regular bottle of Vitamin Water, it has 13g of sugar per SERVING.  Now, there are 2.5 servings in a bottle.  Do the math (for those of you who aren’t good at math, that’s 34g).  I down a bottle like it’s nothing.  So, the Vitamin Water is a nicer way to call soda, a soda.

The amount of vitamins you get from a bottle is somewhat respectable.  You might get half of the daily recommendation for the big Vitamins like C, B, Zinc and Chromium.  Again, the amount of sugar just outweighs the benefits from the vitamins.  Ryan Hughes is a big fan of all natural, organic foods and beverages.  And this makes more and more sense each time I read a label of a new drink.  Brightly or fluorescent colors are usually high in sugar and not a normal occurring thing.

So, you might as well take a multi-vitamin with a glass of Coke, because that’s all you’re doing.  I hate to sound like a “food Nazi”, but in order to better your training; your diet needs to be clean.  If you win a race, reward yourself with a bottle, but don’t consume it instead of water.  That’s what the advertisers want you to think.  They want you to think that this stuff is better than regular because it has “vitamins.”  Sure it has a good amount, but the massive amount of sugar cancels any benefit you would get from the vitamins.  So, my advice is to cut back and drink Vitamin Water as a reward, not as a replacement.

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