James Stewart Ride Day: Dade City

Today was the James Stewart Ride Day at Dade City.  It was only about a 30 minute drive from USF, so it was a no brainer to go.  Dade City put on a great event.  There was no gate or riding fees and plenty of Red Bull!  Along with Troy Adams and Eric Sorby, James Stewart was riding pretty well.  Troy Adams even mentioned the track was getting rough…those Florida boys know how to ride that sand!  Anyway, I am sun burnt and tired, but it was great just to see Stewart in person.  He is definitely a true champion.  He took time to make sure everyone was having a good time and would talk to anyone.  Both Eric Sorby and Troy Adams were approachable as well.  They are really down to Earth guys.  I have always liked James Stewart, but after today, I am a true fan of  how humble and nice he was to everyone.

I didn’t have my camera on me and I was really pissed!  However, Double Zero Productions was there and as always, Shelley got some great shots of the day.  Keep checking Double Zero, she is going to Bithlo tomorrow and there will be more photos!  There’s a link on the side bar or just click here to go to the site.

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