Muscle Milk Experiment: Week 1

Running it through the wringer!So, it’s been a week since I have started taking the Muscle Milk powder.  As with most powders, I can feel a bit of difference when working out, when compared to not taking any powder.  It seems like I can push a little harder.  The “Big Four” trainers (Aldon Baker, Charles Dao, Seiji Ishii, and Randy Lawrence) all recommend CytoSport products.

But what’s in it?  First of all, the complex carbohydrates in the powder are ideal for you when are done doing your cardio routine.  In my previous article on post workout nutrition, I explained the main nutrients needed after a workout, so have a look.  Also, the 32g of protein give your muscles plenty of protein to repair the muscles.  It is also lactose free for all the “intolerant” people out there.  It is packing about 35% of your daily needs of vitamins A, C, D, and E…which is good for everyday activity.

However, the taste is something that can be better.  That was the thing I noticed when I took the first sip.  It is a little chalky tasting, even though the label says “Tastes Just like a Real Milkshake!”  It is also pretty expensive.   I was lucky and got it on sale at GNC; for a 3 lb tub, it was regularly $40, but it was $25 on sale.

This is only the first week, so as I go through the powder, I’ll be able to get a better feel for the performance of it as the month progresses.  Right now, it’s looking average.  Next week, I am going to hit the stairs and cardio harder and I’ll get a better idea of how this works for cardio.  Stay tuned!

MotoSport, Inc.

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