Muscle Milk Experiment Week 2

Running it through the wringer!
Week 2 of this experiment and it’s going pretty good.  I feel stronger and can spend more time in the gym.  But there are a few drawbacks.  It says to take a scoop an hour before your workout.  Now, this is protein powder, not an some energy powder or stimulant like that.  So, I have been following the directions on the label and took a scoop an hour before running stairs.  I really wouldn’t recommend doing this because an hour does not give your body enough time to digest things in your stomach.

So, I ran the stairs and had a pretty good session.  However, about half way through, I started to feel a little sick because of that chocolate flavor.  I would just do 2 scoops after your workout if your doing cardio.  The flavor is too rich and powdery to do cardio an hour after consuming the drink.  However, the benefits of the powder outweigh the cons.

If you are doing cadio, then wait until you are done with your workout to take the powder, but if you are strength training, it is not so bad.  I’ll let you know how next week goes in the 3rd week.  So far, the powder has been working pretty good.  It’s all trial and error when finding the best supplements.

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  1. First off I just want to say I’ve tried a lot of supplements and have to say that cytosport makes some great products. I’ve tried all their protein shakes and have found the cytogainer works the best for me. Muscle milk never seems to settle in my stomach right but I have no problems with the cytogainer. I also don’t use there recommend 4 scoops per serving but just one scoop in a shake with every meal I eat and shake after every workout. I’ve found for the ultimate work out i take a little NO explode before I go which gives me so much energy you would think I was on blow, but dam I get a very high intensity workout. Good luck on your experiment.

  2. haha. yea NO is some serious stuff. The recommended serving size for the muscle milk is 2 scoops and I can see how that would be a little much for the stomach. I haven’t tried the cytogainer, but I hear good things. The combo you have going seems pretty good, but I just wanted to see what would happen if I followed the directions. The next 2 weeks will make it or break it for this powder.

  3. alot of y u can work out longer is because mentally you are telling your self “This stuff is going to make me work harder” I have only found that protein helps you bulk for things like football or is a good post work out recover drink….I trained with the WVU football team for class and they all say the samething

  4. I agree. For the most part, it still provides the nutrients needed. I just wanted to try it because of all the marketing from the KTM team. Training with a Division I team is serious stuff!

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