Muscle Milk Experiment Week 3

One more week left...

One more week left...

As week 3 of our little experiment comes to end, I have come to appreciate what this product offers.  As I said before in previous posts, the correct carbohydrates are critical after a workout.  They replace the used glycogen for muscular energy.  Here’s the full article on post workout nutrition if you forgot it.  Muscle Milk understands this and it is clear when you drink it.  You almost feel replenished and not as exhausted.

However, after following the directions for the first 2 weeks, I have decided to tweak it a little bit.  When you take a scoop an hour before your session, you can still feel that chocolate heaviness in your stomach.  So, I tried to take both scoops after.  This makes the workout worth the reward, a better tasting milkshake.  When you put 2 scoops together, it actually resembles a milkshake; rather than the one scoop tasting like coco water.

Next week is the last week.  I have been thinking about the grade for this stuff and it looks pretty good so far.  With all of the hype from fitness and motocross world, this product still has a week to awe me.  I hope it does.

MotoSport, Inc.

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