Muscle Milk Experiment Week 4

Final Grade....So, this is the last week of the Muscle Milk experiment.  I have to say, as I started to run low on the powder, I was thinking about the benefits of this stuff.  CytoSport (makers of Muscle Milk) understand that athletes need the carbohydrates after a workout.  They make it clear by writing about the correct carbs on the label.  It is really good for Supermini riders who are ready to make the move up to big bikes.  Muscle Milk works great for me because I am a skinny person and gaining some lean muscle would do wonders for me on a 450.

However, the main cons are that it has a lot of calories for a protein powder.  It runs about 300 calories and is a bit sugary.  You can taste it when you more powder.  When I started out, I had one scoop before a workout and one after a workout.  But now, I have both scoops after because of the heavy feeling from the shake during the workout.  And with the 2 scoops, you can definitely taste the sugar.

To be honest, with all of the promotions and advertising with the KTM team, I was hoping for a lot more.  It does provide some serious benefits, but to me, the cons are right up there.  So, if you are moving up to a bigger bike and want to gain some muscle mass, this stuff is for you.  However, for the average MX athlete, there are more effective protein powders.

Overall, I give CytoSport’s Muscle Milk a:


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