Potassium: A Racer’s Best Friend

If you have taken a chemistry class, you know what this is.  If you haven't, look at the top left.If you have been around the motocross long enough, you have probably heard of some crazy miracle cures for arm pump and cramping.  I had a friend actually shave his forearms the night before a race to help rid cramping, but he still lost!  Cramping can be avoided by stretching, staying hydrated, and more importantly, getting enough potassium.  Bananas are your best source for potassium and it is a great, light snack between motos.

Potassium is a miracle worker.  It is actually an electrolyte that helps metabolize sugar to glycogen.  As you may have read in my earlier articles, glycogen is used to give your muscles energy.  Plus, potassium helps keep the glycogen stored without it being converted to fat.   It helps keep your muscles working in top shape, including your heart, controls blood pressure, and helps keep the water balance in your cells at the right levels.  This alone should make you go to the store and get bananas for your next trip to the track. 

Because it is an electrolyte, potassium can leave the body fairly quick when you sweat, urinate or from excessive bowel movements (diarrhea).  This leads to dehydration and this means no electrolytes.  If there are no electrolytes, you have a higher chance of cramping.  When I was younger, after I would get off the bike, my hands would hurt so bad.  They were stuck onto the handle bars and I had to slide them off.  The cramping was from a lack of water and potassium.  Proper stretching techniques can be used to help prevent cramps, but potassium will work better.  Eating potassium rich foods throughout the day at the track will prevent any cramping from creeping up on you. 

Having bananas, oranges, or peaches handy at the track will make muscle cramps a thing of the past.  Not only do they help with cramping, but if you feel sick, weak or tired, grab a banana and you will feel like a new person.  Potassium is a really important nutrient to have in you at all times.  Having a few potassium rich foods around the house will make life and riding a lot more enjoyable.

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