Saturated Fat Acceptable?

So this is not an April Fool’s article.  If you have been following my post for the past few weeks, you would know that I am on a Paleo-diet kick.  If you don’t want to buy into, not a big deal.  However, you can’t ignore the role that fat plays into an athlete’s diet.  Everyone from the occasional racer to James “Jail Bird” Stewart needs fat in the diet (Yes. I am JS7 fan so it’s okay for me to say that).  After researching the Caveman diet to the max, I now understand how important it is.  This is not trying to convince you of this primal way of eating; it is merely shedding some light on common misconceptions.

One thing that I have always been taught and learned is that saturated fat is bad for you.  In fact, it is supposed to be terrible for you.  It clogs the arteries and will cause your to heart basically stop beating.  Sound about right?  Well, that isn’t exactly the case.  Think about every fresh, natural protein source.  There’s a good chance that 80% of those foods you just thought of have a good amount of saturated fat.  Did nature make it that way for a reason?  Is it meant to be that way?  Maybe.

Diets that have a higher percentage of calories coming from saturated fat also have higher amounts of testosterone.  Typically, this hormone produces growth in muscles, strength, increased bone density, bone maturation; basically, good things that you want.  Higher levels of testosterone won’t make you go into a psychotic rage, so don’t worry.  Not only this, but think about the nervous system.  Every neurological pathway is surrounded by myelin sheaths made of fat; your brain operates on fat almost.  Interesting studies have shown that when people go on low fat diets, they often go into a depression like state.

With almost 9 calories per gram, fat contains twice as much energy as carbohydrates and protein.  That is a massive amount of energy.  This doesn’t give you permission to eat fast food.  Like I said before, this is just to shed some light on misconceived notions.  It is really food for thought…pun intended.

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  1. There is plenty of evidence that saturated fat is good for your health.

    The results of an analysis of 27 studies revealed that saturated fat raised your (good) HDL cholesterol more than any other macronutrient.

    Many more studies also show saturated fat is essential to good health. 28 studies with a synopsis of their results are listed.

  2. David, great stuff. So many conventional sources tell us that low fat, high carb diets are better for us, but that is just the opposite!

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