Smaller meals, bigger benefits

I eat…a lot.  My roommates said I need to pay for 2 people when we buy groceries because I eat so much.  So, I slowed down; however, I was actually eating better.  Maybe I wasn’t eating the right kind of foods, but I was still eating in the correct way.  It is always better to eat small meals throughout the day, instead of gorging yourself at the traditional three meals.   

Good food is fun...and good for you!I cannot stress this enough.  Eat breakfast!!!  When you go to sleep, your body’s metabolism slows down.  If it were to stay the same, you would have to get up during the night and have to eat a whole meal.  But, this isn’t the case and the first meal that your body needs when you wake up is breakfast.  I said this once before, but breakfast “breaks the fast” your body is in.  If you don’t, you will feel tired and fatigued until lunch.  I recommend eating something with some carbohydrates.  Maybe some cereal, pancakes or waffles.  If you do eat cereal, be sure to get something that doesn’t have anything frosted, marshmallows or bright colors.  I know, those are the best kind, but they are LOADED with sugars.  Don’t forget to get some orange juice or some kind of fruit in you as well. 

A few hours after breakfast it is a good idea to eat a snack.  I really like the peach yogurt.  So, when I start to hear my stomach growl, I’ll grab some yogurt.  Now, if you don’t like yogurt, try something that will hold you over until lunch.  It doesn’t have to be big and it could be another breakfast food. 

Going through the drive-thru might sound good, and taste even better, but it’s not a good idea at all.  Instead of getting the $5 foot long, why not make your own?  You know that the meat hasn’t been sitting around and the vegetables are going to be fresh.  If you like mayo, try not to soak the sandwich in it.  If you are feeling really healthy, put some oil and vinegar on there, instead of mayo.  Don’t ruin your good lunch with a bag of potato chips or a candy bar for an afternoon snack.  Try some vegetables.  Cut them up the night before and put them in a sandwich bag.  Carrots and celery are a good choice and they are good with some ranch…with a moderate amount.

For dinner, make sure you have some more green on your plate and a lean meat like chicken; it is a good choice for lean protein.  If you are thinking about getting seconds, wait about 15 or 20 minutes and let your food settle.  You will be surprised that you will be fuller after waiting. 

You don’t have to eat everything I said; you just have to be smart about what you eat.  Make sure you get a good amount of dark, green vegetables and lots of fruit.  When you eat little meals between the normal ones, you won’t have that ravenous feeling when food is in front of you.  You won’t over eat and your body’s metabolism is kicked up to digest the food to make room for the next meal.  When you skip meals and only eat 1 or 2 large meals, your body tricks itself into thinking there is a shortage of food.  When this happens, it stores fat, so it has reserves when the food becomes scarce.  So, don’t skip breakfast or other meals and snack often.

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