Timing Your Carbohydrates

Nutrition is a big aspect of training for motocross.  There is no way of getting around it.  You can train as hard as you want, but if you are stuffing yourself with Big Macs and McFlurries, you are not going to be able to train or ride as hard as you want.  I’m not saying to go on a fad diet, but just cleaning up your current diet can pay off huge on the track.  With the correct choices of food and when you eat them, you can make sure you have plenty of energy throughout the day.

Before we get into the timing, we need to understand the concept of the Glycemic Index.  There are different types of Carbohydrates: Simple and Complex.  Your simple carbs break down faster while the complex carbs take more time to be broken down.  The Glycemic Index simply measures the effects of the carbs on your blood sugar level.  The simple carbohydrates are higher on the index than the complex.

Now, just because the simple carbohydrates are higher on the index, doesn’t mean they are better.  Eating too many foods that are higher on the index can actually have negative effects on the body.  However, combining simple and complex carbohydrates at breakfast can spike your blood sugar level to give you energy upon waking and the complex will help give you a longer lasting energy.  Cantaloupe and watermelon are great simple carbs and are great as a side for breakfast.  For your complex carbs, oatmeal or multigrain breads are great.

It is a good idea to switch to slower, complex carbohydrates as the day goes on because you maintain a constant level of blood sugar.  When you spike the sugar in your blood, you tend to crash and get fatigued.  Like I said, other than watermelon and cantaloupe, most fruits and multigrain breads are solid, complex foods.  Between motos or after workouts, you can go back to simple carbs to get your energy back up.

So, to recap:

Breakfast: Slow and Fast

Lunch: Slow

Between Motos/ post workouts: Fast

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