Top 5 Tips from 2009

When I started this blog about 6 months ago, I never anticipated where it would take me.  It helped me realize what I want to major in college and what I plan to do after school.  Moreover, it has helped me learn as well.  I have written ways to help improve your training and help you ride safer, smarter and longer.  However, there are some really important things to remember when training for motocross.  Here is a list of the Top 5 MX training tips from 2009:

Eat and drink a lot

Eating numerous small meals throughout the day helps provide your body with the necessary energy to keep going.  Instead of the traditional 3, big meals, you will keep your body from getting in the “sugar crash” mode.  When you wait to eat those 3 meals, you wait too long and starve yourself.  When you do finally get to eat, you gorge yourself with massive portions.  Eating every few hours, your body will metabolize your food faster and more efficiently.

Drinking a lot does not mean drink more beer.  I mean to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Get a water bottle and sip on it.  Chugging water before a workout makes you feel bloated and you are not properly hydrated.  If your piss isn’t clear…drink more water!

Don’t Body Build

The difference between bodybuilding and training for motocross is simple; muscle isolation.  When training for MX, you want to use multi-joint exercises such as the clean and press, dead lift, pull ups and front squats.  This moves the body in a manner that is close to the way you ride.  Muscle isolation focuses movement over a single joint, like using curls to work the biceps.

Remember that the main muscle groups for MX are legs, core, back, and chest.  Your arms are more of a hinge connecting your upper body to the handle bars.  Sorry, but your arms are not as important as you think (no guns to show off!).  Your legs can take a greater load over a longer period of time.  That is why you squeeze with your legs to relieve your arms; so they don’t get arm pump.

Change it up

Confusing your body is a great way to make gains in your training quickly.  If you do the same cardio routine for months on end, you will grow stagnant and won’t continue to improve your training.  That is why training seasons work so well.  In the off season, you do longer, less stressful cardio and in the spring (pre/race season) you start to hit the interval sessions again.

Incorporating a few variations of cardio will also keep you fresh and wanting to train.  Varying your days as well makes a big difference.  If you are used to doing cardio Mondays and Wednesdays, try to do it Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Get some R&R

Rest is not only a time for your muscles to rebuild, but it gives you a chance to relax.  If you are going and going and going at a break-neck pace, you will get burnt out.  However, most importantly, you could over train and lose all of your progress.  For strength training, wait at least 48 hours to give your muscles a rest and for cardio, no more than three sessions per week.

As far as sleep, 8 hours minimum.  Sleep is a time for your body to grow and get stronger overall.  If you are doing cardio every day, you are not giving your legs, heart and lungs a chance to recover.  Make some time to rest and it will pay off.

Have fun!

Why are you training?  To ride longer or to get better results?  Just remember that for most people, the sport of motocross is a hobby.  Have fun with it and you will reap the benefits from the time in the gym.  Use the training as an outlet for your stresses so you don’t take that to the races.  That way, you can enjoy what all us do as well, riding with our friends!

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