Training Resolutions

2010 is upon us.  Ready or not, it’s here.  As fast as this year went by, I couldn’t be more stoked for it.  It is a chance to start fresh and start to implement those goals or “resolutions” you’ve had for the past few months.  However, the whole idea of New Year’s Resolutions got me thinking.  I was talking to a personal trainer at the gym I work at and we discussed that if someone was committed to losing weight, why wait till the New Year to start implementing it?

This applies to training as well.  If you have a certain aspect of your riding or fitness you want to work on, waiting until the 1st only gives you less time to prepare for the next season.  Granted the New Year is only in 2 days, but if you want something bad enough, you shouldn’t need to wait for a holiday.  This is the time of year where you can really gain some ground on your competition.  While they are eating themselves into a coma with left over stuffing and chugging champagne, you can keep training and get a step ahead.

Granted, this doesn’t mean to train like the pre-season with intervals and sprints, but this is where you work on your weaknesses and change your program if it wasn’t working too well for you.  This goes along with the other posts as last week; if you wait till the New Year to get your Off Season training started, you have already lost half of the time.  So don’t wait till the ball drops and bottles are popped, get on that new program ASAP!

Tired of Being Tired?

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