Training while Sick

Everyone get sick.  This is the perfect time of year for colds, the flu and any other crazy sickness there is.  The weather here is Florida changing from warm to cold, and then back to warm.  It is wrecking my body’s immune system!  I recently came down with a small bug that left me with a sore throat and a little tired.  Despite lots of rest and liquids in me, I woke up yesterday feeling a bit groggy and still a bit weak.  It was the first day of my workouts for the week and I was a bit hesitant to go to the gym.

So I looked and asked around and found that if you are feeling up to it, then go for it.  However, there are a few things to take into consideration.  Remember that I had gotten plenty of rest and was just feeling a bit tired.  I was not running a fever and I was able to get out of bed and go to class.  Training with a fever is something that is not advisable.  Your body is running a higher than normal temperature as it is and elevating the temperature could lead to a more serious illness.

If you have a head cold and can barely get off of the couch, you are better off to stay on the couch.  Once, you start to feel better, you still have to take it easy with the exercise.  I have learned this the hard way a few years ago.  I was sick for a few days during the week and started to feel better on Friday.  I was wanting to race on Saturday and convinced my dad I was feeling better.  Although I had an okay finish that race, the next day I felt terrible.  I had the cold again, but it was twice as worse.

So, really what I am trying to say is that if you can perform everyday activities fine, then take it easy in the gym.  You have start listening to your body and you will know when you can and can’t train/ride.  Light cardio is probably the best idea because you are not exerting a lot of force on the body.  Just remember to have plenty of water with you before, during and after your workout.  It is even more crucial when you are sick.  If you are good from the nose up, you should be okay.  Just be smart about it!

Tired of Being Tired?

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