Write it down!!!

Progression. Everyone wants it. Some don’t even know what it means; others don’t want to put the effort out. According to good ole’ Webster, progression is the act of forward or onward movement. But, how do you move forward in your training and how do you know what foods work for you in the gym? These questions can have a simple answer; and that is to write it down. Write what down? Everything! If you do a moto, write how long, how you felt, your mood, time of day, conditions of the track, etc. If you go to the gym and you do cardio, write how long you did it for, what you did, how you felt after, etc.

All of this record keeping is a visual aid. If you keep and accurate log of everything that you have done, you will see how far you have come in your training. The log will be a motivational tool to get into the gym and push yourself to the limit. Not only that, but you can see what you did in the last workout and try to out do it. For example, if you saw that you did X number of pull ups, try to do X + 2 pull ups. Never settle because that leads to a stale mental state and you will not progress as a rider or in your training.

This is convenient for looking back on your diet as well. You can see how much of what you are consuming. This is crucial because monitoring your carb/protein levels can help you achieve your training goals. If you have seen a positive result from the foods that you have eaten, keep that diet going. If you are not gaining anything in training, look back at your food log and see what you have eating. If it is junk food and energy drinks, change it up. My father always said nothing is going to change if you keep doing the same thing.

It’s great for keeping track of all the motos you have done. If you come to a track and you have it written down that you struggled with ruts, you need to go out and work on ruts. You can see how you feel after each moto throughout the day. This will tell you if you are getting into good riding shape. If your lap times drop significantly in each moto, you need to hit the gym! It is also great for keeping track of bike settings, such as clicker adjustments, tire selection and other tweaks you have done.

This is a great tool for anyone who is serious about their training and wants to take it to the next level. I have been looking for something that can make this process easier. When I find something, I will let you guys know for sure. Just remember to write down as much as you can. The more detailed, the better; when you look back at your log, you will be able to tell exactly what you did and how you did it, so you can improve on that. And that is something every rider wants…to improve.

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