Diversity in your Training

Like the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life.  This couldn’t be any truer for moto.  When I was younger, I would find myself going through the same routine during the week and at the track.  I guess you could say I was stuck in a rut (pun intended).  I quickly took riding for granted and was frustrated when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and expected.  Like anything physically demanding, if you subject the body to the same stress long enough, it will adapt and overcome.  This is why periodization is so important in our sport, but you also keep things interesting and become a well rounded rider.

One thing that happens to me is that I will go to the track and just bust out moto after moto.  I would take the same lines during the same time of day at the same track.  It was a mindless process and it eventually came to the point of muscle memory.  My nervous system and body knew exactly what was coming on the track.  This eventually led to a stagnant state where I was the same speed for the longest time.  Doing motos like this is a good thing, but not all the time.  If you are struggling in one section, take some time to break the section down and hit it over and over until you have mastered it.  Another great way to switch things up is to go at a later time in the day; this is good if you can’t really get to any other tracks.  Going later in the day will leave you with a rougher track and force you to switch lines up as well as testing your endurance.

This concept of diversity is especially important in the gym.  For strength training, changing exercises and rep ranges is extremely important to ensure your body doesn’t “go through the motions.”  You might feel a burn and think you are pushing, but you will hit a plateau eventually.  Throwing in balance exercises and using different angles on exercises confuses the body which will keep your training interesting.  This goes for cardio as well.  If you have been running the same amount of intervals at the same speed for a few weeks, it is time for a change.  Try shorter intervals for more intensity.

Making changes in your training doesn’t always have to be big, drastic differences.  Sometimes it can be the subtle things that make a bigger difference.  You will keep yourself from getting burnt out and have a fresh outlook on training.  These changes can help motivate you to get to the next level or goal in your program.  When you are progressing, you are getting stronger and faster.

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  1. that sounds good enough i think i might do that thanks your website is great and tells perfect traing exercises thanks!!!!!!

  2. Thanks 411!

    If you need any more tips, just let me know!

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