Blitzing through whoops

Most of us will never ride a true pro level, stadium supercross track.  For those of you who say you could, I would love to see you hit the triples and whoops.  Speaking of whoops, those can really be a time saver or a time killer.  Even if you aren’t hitting whoops in a stadium, they can be pretty darn intimidating.  Getting over this factor of fear is a necessary step in hitting the cleanly and riding through them, instead of ending up on the ground.

Before you even commit to the whoops, getting yourself straight and steady is number one.  Going into any kind whoops like this will have eating soil before the second whoop.  If you are just coming out of a turn, remember to weight the outside foot peg and roll the throttle on to ensure you don’t get the rear end out too far.  Once you are shooting straight, you want look ahead and get your line through the whoops picked out.  You don’t want to just bomb in there wherever the bike takes you.  If this happens, you end up all over the place and hit uneven peaks.

So, you are all set to get through these.  Before your front wheel even hits the section, you need to shift up, possibly even twice.  This is so your engine doesn’t tap out half way through.  Since the rear wheel revs out in between peaks, the RPMs grow progressively as you get further and further into the whoops.  When your RPMs are lower, the suspension is more supple and the rear shock absorbs the peaks much better.

Now you can finally begin to blitz through the whoops.  Holding the throttle steady as you approach the set can be scary, but if you chop the throttle, it is even worse.  So, just keep her steady and it’ll be much easier.  If you stand on the balls of your feet and point your toes inwards, your knees will naturally want to grip the bike…which is necessary for anything in motocross, but this is especially important.  Standing in that attack position with a slight lean back will help get that front wheel light so you can skim over the peaks.

Depending on the type of peaks, you may want to change your approach.  The more peaked the whoops are, the more you want to attack and skim across them.  If they are more of a mogul type section, you can lean back more and use more throttle to get the front end up; almost wheeling through them.  If you commit to the section and come in straight, you should be okay.  Start small and work your way up to faster speeds and deeper whoops and before you know it; you’ll be skimming through them like Speedy Reedy!

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