Breathing to Ride Longer

People are always throwing money towards their bikes in an effort to make them faster.  They spend hours in the gym every week preparing themselves for a big race or just to ride longer.  And, they always go to the riding schools thinking they can ride faster on their murdered out steed.  However, unless you have the basics down, all of this time, money and effort will go to waste.  One thing that I always catch myself doing is holding my breath.  Breathing throughout your moto can help you relax your death grip and ride longer.

It sounds really stupid to be telling you to breath, but it is something that everyone does.  This is really evident when you go through rhythm sections or whoops.  You take a deep breath, hold it in and get really tense.  I would do this on starts; when the board went sideways, I would just tense up and hold my breath until the gate dropped.  Doing this bad habit constantly can wear you out sooner than you think.  If you are running and you hold your breath, you are not going to last as long when you are taking nice, relaxed breaths.

When you are loose and getting plenty of O2 (oxygen) to your body, you will be able to think clearer and minimize mistakes.  Lately, I have been on an arm pump kick, but breathing consistently while riding could help you alleviate your pumping problems.  If you are holding your breath, the whole body is tense and you ride stiff.  Riding like this doesn’t allow your legs to help absorb the hits.

The whole oxygen concept goes with the idea of heart rates as well.  When you are in a race situation where you are battling someone, your heart rate is extremely high and your body requires additional oxygen to deliver to your muscles.  If you are holding your breath, that oxygen saved up in your lungs will only last so long.  Lactic acid builds up from being in an anaerobic state and lack of oxygen will have you feeling fatigued early in your moto.  I know it sounds pretty dumb, but making conscience effort to remember to take deep, controlled breaths will make a big difference.

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