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These guys are ready to ride!It’s going to get cold, sooner or later.  It may be in the 90os here in Florida, but it is going to get colder.  Knowing how to ride and exercise safely can make a big difference come race time.  When you can go into a cold race and have the confidence of knowing you can win that will give you a step up on the competition.  So how do you ride and train in the lower temperatures?

First of all, when you are riding and training, you need to dress in layers.  Especially thin layers.  Although I like to wear short sleeves in cold weather while exercising, it is better to have the layers and then take them off as you get warmer.  This will help you avoid shivering, sweating and regulate a steady core temperature.  When your body temperature changes too frequently by too much, you are more likely to get a cold and now is not a good time to get a cold (Swine Flu).  Sweating is a big thing to keep in mind as well.  When your skin lets out sweat, the droplets evaporate and this cools the body.  The same idea applies to wet clothes.  If you are sweating, you need to take a layer or two off to avoid moisture.  When you are wet or even damp, your body temperature is lowered.  So wrap up!

Some other things to remember are to keep your feet dry as well.  Riding in the cold can suck, but add wet feet and it DOES suck.  Most of your heat is lost through your head, so keep a beanie on.  If you have ever watched the Miami Dolphins play in cold weather, you might have seen Ricky Williams wear a mask ever his mouth.  This has small copper wires that heat up from your breath.  The air coming in is warmed up and makes it easier on your throat.  It might be something to look into if you are riding a lot of motos on race day.

Obviously wearing a hoodie helps, but UnderArmor makes cold weather under jerseys.  These can be worn under your riding jersey.  This helps a lot and cuts down on the wind, which can be a major chill factor as well.  Handshields can cut down the wind and drastically help keep your hands warmer.  And when your hands are warm, it is easier to feel sensation in your throttle hand and clutch fingers.

Dressing for the weather requires you to use your head.  If you don’t have the brand name riding socks or under wear, go with the warmer, cheap stuff.  It might not be “as cool”, but you will be thankful when you are in the middle of your moto, freezing your nuts off.  Handshields cut the wind down for your hands as well.  So, when you think about it, it is all about prep.  Just be prepared for the worse and bring extra layers just in case.

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  1. The rubber gloves under regular riding gloves do not really work that well. They prevent the hands from breathing and makes them sweat even more. which means a chill on the hands which is bad if already racing in the middle stage of the race. But other than that your right on the money keep it up.

  2. You make a good point, thanks for the heads up.

  3. anytime

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