David Vs. Goliath

There is always one big jump at your track that kills you.  You want to hit it so bad, but you don’t know if you can.  You see other people in your class can jump it, but you still aren’t sure.  I had this problem a few years ago at a practice track I rode at; it was a long single to table in deep sand.  It was really intimidating but with some advice from my friend Hope (yes, a girl.  She was one of the fastest girls in Florida before she quit.), I hucked over it and realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Think your jump is big, try hitting Larocco's Leap!If you plan on hitting your big jump, don’t stress about it.  If you think about it all day, you are going to ride terrible and your confidence is going to disappear.  You will start thinking that today is not my day and you won’t hit it.  So, start out your first moto as your usual warm up.  Don’t think about it, get yourself warmed up and just ride.  When you are done with your first moto, come in and relax.

When you go back out, do a lap or two, and then start to size it up.  When you first hit the jump, you want to jump it a little less than half way.  Your next lap, hit it a bit farther.  When you think you have it dialed in, COMMIT.  If you are going to jump it, just do it.  Don’t back down on the face of the jump, as this could result in an endo or someone behind you could crash into you.

You want to commit to a steady throttle all the way up the face of the jump.  Make sure you are in a neutral body position.  If you are too far forward, you could endo.  If you think you aren’t going to make it, pull your front end up and do a brake tap if you need to.  However, you need to tell yourself that you can clear this without any mid air adjustments.

When you are in the air, you want to find your landing.  You need to make sure that you get on the gas when you land so you power through anything that might happen.  It is always better to over shoot it, instead of coming up short because if you case a big jump, your chances of riding it out are slim to none.  To recap, relax throughout the day, don’t worry about the jump, commit to a steady throttle up the face and make sure you get back on the gas when you land.  As long as you are in a neutral position and you are confident, you CAN clear big jumps.

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