Enter the Dragon part 2

As I said before, Bruce Lee is person that every ride should look up to.  His level mental and physical toughness is incredible. He has linked the mind with the body and spirit, which is critical with riding.  Ryan Hugh is a big believer in having the whole package complete, not just the physical.  However, yesterday I introduced Lee’s idea of flow.  You want to be like water, be the cup, be the bottle.  In essence, you want to be the bike and flow with the track, not fight through it. 

So we have that lesson down, but what about the physical part?  As you may have seen or heard before, Bruce Lee is the one who came up with the finger punch.  He basically puts his fingers out, keeps his finger tips against you and then punches you.  He has enough force to knock you to the floor.  Lee has once said that, “the more relaxed the muscles are, the more energy can flow through the body. Using muscular tensions to try to “do” the punch, or attempting to use brute force to knock someone over, will only work to opposite effect.”

This concept can be used in motocross, especially in big race situations.  For example, let’s say it’s the Loretta Lynn Regional qualifier.  You got a 10th in the first moto and an 8th in your second moto.  The last moto is going to be crucial and determine whether you move on to Loretta Lynn’s or not.  In this situation, you are tense, nervous and anxious.  You might be riding over your head and uptight to finish in the top 3.  This is going to cause arm pump quicker and come on stronger. 

However, if you calm down and relax you will get more out of your arms, than just arm pump.  If you try to ride fast, you are going to make mistakes and possibly crash.  If you get out of a sketchy situation, your heart rate is going to increase; you will grip harder on the bars and ride tight.  So, this coincides with yesterday’s theme, flow. 

When you let go of everything else and just ride, your muscles will do the work for you.  Don’t force anything and flow.  This mental awareness is what separates the champions and the guys who are just filling the gates.  Champions don’t let the nerves get to them and they don’t try to ride fast, it just flows out of them.  This sounds kind of weird, but it takes some thinking to wrap your mind around it.  Give it a try at your next race and see how it works out for you.
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