Get a grip!

If you have been riding for at least a week, you know to get your elbows up. This seems like a pretty simple thing to do, just square them up. However, everything in your body is connected somehow or another. That is why it is important to have a correct grip on the bars in order to have a correct attack position. Your form builds on each, individual aspect and this is not different.

The correct way to grip the bars is not always the same. It depends on the situation. Take for instance, your attack position. Your head is slightly over the bars, elbows up, gripping with the legs and back straight. But, no one really thinks about your hand position. A good way to grip the bars in attack position is over grip. What does that mean? When you are attacking the track, your wrist should bend slightly forward. This way, when you are accelerating and getting on the gas, you can just pivot your wrist. This prevents your elbow from dropping. This is really helpful when you are coming out a rough sweeper or corner.

Yet, over gripping is not always the best choice. What happens if you need to shift your weight back a little? Gripping the bars just below your calluses helps you still have plenty of grip and prevents your elbow from dropping. When you are leaning back, it is a little tougher to find a spot that will keep your wrist from a weird position. But play around with it and see what works for you. That’s really the main goal. If you drop the elbows, you essentially throw your whole form out the window. You will get headshake more often and more severe. Keep your hand position in mind and you will notice your form getting better and better.

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