Getting more out of Practice

I want you to do something next time you go to the track.  Look at all of the riders who just ride around the track, aimlessly looking for more speed.  What do you go to the track to do?  You go there to get faster and have better technique.  When you learn math in school, you don’t try to figure everything out in one semester.  You break down one part and when you have all of the concepts down, you can tie them together.  The same goes for moto.  By breaking down each section of the track, you can concentrate and master it.

Start with your weaknesses and work up from there.  If you have a problem with a certain corner, start with that.  Of course, start extremely early or later in the day when the track is not crowded; no sense in putting yourself and others at risk.  Start with the fundamentals like braking correctly, head up and looking ahead.  Once this is like second nature, work on speed.

After you get some of your trouble spots conquered, you can start linking sections up.  Take a few corners and string them together to get comfortable.  Again, continue working on the fundamentals as this will lay a base for your speed to come quicker.  Eventually, you can tackle the whole track and if need be, you can go back to certain sections again.

At different points in the year, instead of breaking the track down you can work on sprints or your endurance.  If you feel like you can go hard the whole moto, try throwing down some fast laps to get the lap times down or try to ride a couple of laps more than usual.  Simply going to the track each week is good to keep yourself from going crazy, but if you are looking for speed this won’t suffice.  Get creative and work on your weak points to make yourself a more rounded racer.


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