Hitting Rutted Up Jump Faces

If you look past the face, it will be like any other rut.  Jumps are going to be a part of motocross, no matter what.  If you don’t like them, then you are in the wrong sport.  Some jumps can be easy, while others can be pretty tough.  Throw in some ruts up the face and you have a pretty sketchy situation.  However, if you keep your cool, you’ll be able to hit the jump at speed with no worries. 

The first thing you need to remember is setup.  If there is a corner before the jump, you need to flow through the turn cleanly.  This ensures that you keep your momentum and more importantly, you are straight.  Same goes with any other type of section.  If you have a whoop section or a rough straight, keep squeezing with your knees and look far ahead to make sure you are driving forward and not swapping out. 

Once you have a clean drive up to the jump, you need to choose a rut and COMMIT.  Do not chop the throttle or try to switch to another rut last second. This will only result in you hitting the ground.  Once you have the rut of your choice, keep the gas steady.  If you are still a little ways before the jump, look at the top of the rut/ face of the jump. 

Now that you are about to hit the jump and chosen a rut, you need to keep your cool. You want to relax, look past the face and squeeze with your knees.  This keeps you going in the right direction.  A little tip that helps is to stand on the balls of your feet.  This reduces the chance of the rut grabbing your foot.  If you aren’t used to the ruts, start on a small jump before you step up to the bigger ones.  Once you get used to the rutted jump faces, you will begin to hit the faces harder and faster.

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