Irregular Jump Faces

Everyone loves those first few laps of practice.  The track feels as smooth as pavement and the jumps are PERFECT!  However, once everyone gets to the track and starts hitting the jumps, kickers form and the face develop multiple lips.  This becomes pretty dangerous and the odds of going over the bars increases.  I have seen it happen in front of me plenty of times; that panic rev from the engine screams and you know it’s going to be bad.  So how do you avoid this from happening?

First and foremost, you want to be approaching the face straight.  If the jump is right out of a corner, make sure you are not dumping the clutch and spinning the rear tire.  Remember, if you are having trouble with this, keep weight on the outside foot peg as you exit the corner.

So, you want to be approaching the face straight and with plenty of drive.  This is critical for the next step.

As you start to hit the face of the jump, you want to be on the gas hard so you can get your front end light.  Shifting your weight back helps tremendously with this and is necessary as you leave the face.   This allows the front wheel to skip over any kickers, dips or any irregularities on the face.  If you were to just ride up the face normally, the front end would hit everything, possibly dive down in something and throw all of your weight forward.

Keeping your weight shifted back throughout the face is most important when you leave the lip.  This allows the rear tire to ride through the kicker, instead of launching off of it and sending you to the ground.  You don’t want to be sitting through this process because you load the rear too much and that could increase your chances of getting bucked off.

Here’s a quick list of things to remember:

–          Straight approach

–          Be on the gas hard, but steady

–          Shift your weight back and lift the front end up

–          Grip with your knees to keep the bike straight

–          Keep on the gas and weight shifted back as you leave the last lip

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  1. Nice write up! Rode last weekend and the track had a gnarly lip on the table…this will definitely help next time

  2. Thanks man. Good luck!

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