Keeping Rhythm in Rhythm Sections

Keeping your drive and looking ahead can keep you off the ground.With the end of the Motocross season, teams start looking forward to the upcoming year.  And with the New Year comes Supercross.  The technical, indoor sister to Motocross features some interesting obstacles that amateurs see sometimes.  One of these obstacles is rhythm sections.  Some tracks will have them in the middle of course, forcing you to go from wide open mx style to a more calculated approach needed for this section.  With a little practice, these can be the easiest part on the track.

As with any section, your entrance is key to going fast.  The part of the track before the rhythm section needs to be navigated cleanly.  If there is a corner before, you will need to have a smooth drive through the corner and come out straight.  This ensures that you will be driving straight and have plenty of momentum.  Have a look at my corner article to brush up.

When you get past the corner or previous section, a good idea is to keep your head up.  Vision is very important in rhythm sections because everything happens quickly.  You want to choose a line well before you are on the face of the first jump.  Popular lines will get rutted up quick and the down sides will be chewed up.  Finding an alternative line is essential later in the day.

Make sure you can clear the jump.  I know this sounds stupid, but it is critical.  If you come up short on the first jump, you will mess up the rest of the section.  And that results in slower lap times.  Once you are confident with the first jump, the rest will be easier.  You will have lots of momentum from the first jump and you just need to make sure you keep a steady throttle to maintain your drive.

This is also a great time to relax in the air and breath.  If you grip with your knees and look ahead to the coming jumps, you can get through the string of jumps easily.  When this is a simple section for you, you can take a quick break and prepare yourself for the rest of the track.  As I said before, once you pick a clean line for the first jump and clear it, the rest is just as simple.

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