Leg Workout

A typical wall squatYour body is like a pyramid.  If you have a strong base, then overall you will be a strong person.  That is why it is important to have strong legs.  Your leg muscles are much, much larger than your biceps, triceps and chest.  They can take more abuse for longer.  Let’s say you hardly ever strength train your legs.  After riding on a rough track, your legs will begin to get tired.  You won’t be able to grip the bike as hard; the bike is going to dance under you.  That’s when trouble starts; you get headshake and your upper body turns to jelly and so on.

Try this out:

Warm Up:

Light Weight Squats: 15 squats

Light Weight Lunges: 15 each leg

Stretch for about 10 minutes


Front Squats (Place the bar in front of your neck):  12, 10, 8

Lunges:  12, 10, 8

Wall Squats (Find a wall and lean against it with your thighs parallel to the ground):  30 seconds, 3x

Calf Raises

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You get the point.  It is crucial to have strong legs so you maintain your form and keep the bike under control.  If you have seen my previous leg workout, try this one for a few weeks and you should see a big difference in not only your riding, but your overall strength and cardio.

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  1. heyy thx for the tips they are so good 🙂

  2. Thanks Sam! Let me know if you need any help with anything

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