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Going with yesterday’s theme of Loretta’s area qualifiers, another important aspect are sprints.  Getting your interval cardio in is important as well, but that is only one part of the puzzle.  Since the area races usually last about 10 minutes, getting up front and staying there is a must.  The races in Hurricane Mills are 20 minutes for big bikes and 15 minutes for mini riders (and C class); that is twice as long to make passes and make up for a bad start.

The first step to sprint training is getting out of the gate as quick as possible.  I have articles on starts and the mental aspect of getting that holeshot, so have a look at those if you need to brush up.  To summarize the basics of starts, you want to find a straight line to the first corner…the shortest line is not always the fastest.  Remember to put all your weight on the bike and get the chain to the point where it is tight.  Looking at the pin holding the gate or looking at the gate itself is a personable preference; whatever has been working for you, keep with it.  Again, don’t dump the clutch.  Let it out easy and roll the throttle on.  I always like to leave both feet down for balance and when I need to shift up, I bring both feet up.

Like I said, that is a basic overview of starts.  I know that they kill you clutch, but doing a few before a sprint type moto will get you in the mindset of riding all out.  Once you have warmed up on the track and have a feel for everything, it is a good idea to do a couple of practice starts.  About 5 should be sufficient and on the 6th start, start your sprints.

You can do one lap where you are at a quick race pace and record the lap time.  This can be your benchmark.  Being that the area qualifiers are so short, your lap times shouldn’t really drop that much.  If they do drop, it should only be off by .5 of a second or less.  Once you have your benchmark, do a start and bust out a moto at your race pace for however long your area race is.  Once you have completed your first moto, take a break and get some fluids in you.  Then, do the same thing; do a start and do a moto at race pace.

This will let you know where you stand as far as fitness and speed.  If you know someone at the track who is going to ride the same class and they are faster, you may want to work on your weaknesses on the track.  If you cannot complete a moto at race pace, keep doing the interval session from yesterday’s post.  Now is the time where you can start doing cardio three days per week and strength training 2 days.  Like I said yesterday, the first qualifiers took place this past weekend.  It is coming up fast, so get prepared A.S.A.P.!

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  1. I Love your blog! It keeps me motivated during the shitty winters here in sweden! Keep it up, yor tips are awesome!

  2. Hahaha. Thanks bud. It’s like 60 here in Florida and I thought it was bad!

  3. We usually dont have snow here were i live but this is the most snow i have ever seen 🙁 i hate snow!

  4. It’ll be gone before you know it. This will just make you appreciate riding that much more lol

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