Off Cambers

Okay, its not motocross, but the same pricinples still apply.  Having a berm to rail is a luxury.  Yes, I said it.  Sometimes, track designers can be cruel and invert the incline and you get off camber turns.  They might seem tough at first, but you just need to remember the basics and take it slow.  Remember the old saying, “go slow to go fast.”  This is the perfect situation for that saying.

If you think about, almost every off camber turn you encounter is going to be downhill.  This presents a little bit of a problem.  If you approach it like a normal corner on flat ground, you are going to overshoot the turn/rut.  So, you want to set up earlier than normal because you give yourself time to settle into the corner nicely.

This is where the basics come in, yet again.  When you choose your line and sit down, you really need to put a lot of pressure on the outside foot peg.  This puts more traction on the front wheel.  Any traction you can get, you should take.  You also want to keep your foot up, as the ground is much closer to you and dragging your boot can throw you off pretty easily in this type of corner.  Don’t be afraid to lean into it and dab your foot if necessary; just don’t drag it.

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As you are exiting the corner, smooth throttle application is big.  If you gun it, your rear wheel has a greater chance of breaking loose.  So, be easy with it and try to drag the rear brake a little bit if you have any problems.  Doing this adds extra load to the rear end, giving you more traction.  And like every corner, you want to look ahead and lead with your eyes.  Take is slow and build your confidence.  Don’t expect to drag your bars through off cambers when you are just starting out.  These are tricky and require your best form.

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