Phoenix Fiasco: Maintaining Your Line

By now, everyone who watches professional motocross should know about Phoenix.  The whole round in Arizona sucked for James Stewart, Kyle Partridge, and Chad Reed.  The press and forums lit up as soon as it happened and is still being talked about.  Although, the riders are looking forward to another round (possibly a mudder?) at Anaheim, the scenario keeps running through my head.  This is every riders worst nightmare; getting landed on by fellow racer.

Obviously James Stewart is the fastest man on the planet.  He knows this and so does everyone else who lines up next to him.  When Stewart got a mid pack start, he was surrounded by the “average” professional supercross racer.  From the Skype interview, Stewart says that he was behind Windham and was about to crash into the back of him.  Logically, you want to avoid crashing on a triple of that size and Stewart moved over into Partridge’s line.

It would be safe to say that 95% of the people who race motocross could not actually jump a triple in traffic.  I am not bashing Stewart in anyway, but he needs to follow his line and be more aware of his surroundings.  He is not in the front and he is surrounded by people.  For Kyle Partridge to say that he lost all respect for Stewart is a bit harsh, but I would be pissed too.  He was looking to have a good heat race and make the main.

I don’t care if you are an A rider or just learning how to ride, everyone needs to stick to their lines.  I am guilty of it and so is everyone else, including Stewart and the rest of the pros…Chad Reed included, but that is another article.  Anyway, keeping your head up and looking at the approaching obstacles and knowing who is around you is basic stuff.  This keeps you and the rest of the riders safe…and happy.  What happened in Phoenix was a bunch of crazy events that went wrong.  I know Stewart is fast, but as the “leader” into mainstream exposure, he has to be on the lookout for other riders and maintain his line, especially at his pace.  Try your hardest to maintain your line, don’t do anything stupid and everyone will be able to ride next week.

Here’s a video of the situation.  The first 30 seconds cover all of the angles pretty well.  The other part of the video covers Reed’s incident.

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