Railing Through Sandy Corners

Here in Florida, sand is everywhere.  Even if the track doesn’t have sand in the morning, there will be some in the corners and certain lines on the track when the sun dries the dirt out.  It is a tricky thing to get used to if you haven’t ridden on it much.  Once you master sandy corners, you can ride anything.

The entrance is probably one of the most important parts of the turn.  If you angle yourself so you have to square it up, you aren’t going have the necessary momentum needed to get through the thick sand.  Instead, take a wide line that will allow you have a smoother, arc shaped line.  This will set you up so you can get on the gas in a smoother fashion, unlike the squared up line which robs momentum.  Aim for the bottom of the berm because the sand on top is what kills your momentum and speed. 

normal_630982438_1211692460Once you have your line down, you want to approach this with more speed than normal because the sand will act like brakes once you let off the gas.  Again, smooth is the main idea here.  You want to get off the gas, sit in a neutral position on your seat and get on the gas.  You don’t want to be too far forward because the front end will sink and you don’t want to be on the fender either, which will not allow you to steer as well.  Finding that sweet spot will take some time, but after a while, it will feel natural to just sit in the same spot. 

Now that you found your line and the neutral position on the seat, apply the gas easily.  Don’t chop it or stab the clutch; these only result in useless wheel spin and a waste of time.  Get on the gas and try not to fight the flow of the turn.  If you do everything in one motion, it will make the entrance and exit effortless.  Just like every other turn, don’t drag your foot unless you need the balance and believe me, you will probably dab your foot in sandy corners.  Just keep hitting them hard and remember the basics: elbows up, weight on the outside foot peg and head up.  After a while, you’ll be draggin your bars like Bubba!

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