Rough Racing

The 250 riders in the East are crazy.  Barcia and Wilson had an epic battle in the front of the pack early in the race as the fireworks went off between the two riders.  However, Barcia wasn’t content with 2nd place and made Deano aware of this with an aggressive pass.  Wilson countered with another pass, but it was not enough and Barcia took the checkers.

After reading some of the posts in the informative forums on Vital, some were calling Justin’s passes as reckless and dangerous.  I have to admit, Barcia is indeed the wild child, but that is his style.  After all, isn’t rubbin’ racin’?  Making a split second decision on whether to pass or not is usually a difficult one.  As I have said before, you don’t just pass on a whim.  If you want to make a pass stick, it has to be calculated…or you will end up like Blake Wharton and Ryan Sipes.

If you watch on the 4th lap of the main, Barcia plans his pass almost 2 corners ahead.  He takes an alternative line in the rhythm section to clear the triple.  He cuts to the inside and takes the line from Wilson.  But Dean tries to get Justin back in the next corner.  This back and forth passing is great for learning to set up passes.  Below, I’ve got the whole 250 (trying to get rid of the term Lites) program.

What you have to take away from this is whether the pass is necessary or not.  If you can get a front wheel on the other rider, odds are you can make the pass without any major crashing.  However, if you try to bomb through the other rider, you WILL end up like Sipes and Wharton.  Is this is the last lap in the final moto of Loretta’s or just a Saturday night race at a local track?  Obviously, you will go balls to the wall to make a pass in Hurricane Mills.  But, is that pass at the local track going to put you and the other rider on ground?  It is all relative.  As I said before, plan out your passes and be smart about it.

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  1. i really want to thank you guys for posting this video. I missed watching this race on t.v. nice racing and thanks again

  2. no problem! hope you enjoyed it

  3. Great article… Deano will get Barcia in the next race though, LOL This is going to be a great season!

  4. Thanks Shelley. I read somewhere that Wilson isn’t 100% yet. But I’m sure he’ll show Barcia how he feels! haha

  5. A very good article ! Thanks and keep it it up….

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