S Turns

This rider has good form, but he probably isn't set up very well for the next corner.You normally don’t see these too much.  However, they can be somewhat misleading if you don’t know how to approach them.  What am I talking about?  S turns.  These can be a section of the track where you can either make up a lot of time or lose a lot of time.  Each S turn is different, but the fundamentals still apply.

The first turn is critical in making up time.  Most of the time, your best bet is to line up for the inside.  If you haven’t seen my post on inside ruts, check it out.  So, you are lined up and enter just like any other corner.  The exit is even more crucial here, than most parts of a track.  If you come out squirrely, you are going to be messed up for the next corner.  So, dive into the rut, be smooth with the throttle and look ahead to the next corner.

Now depending on how far the next corner is, you can get away with not having to stand up…if the corner is close enough.  How far is close?  If you don’t have to shift up, then you’re okay.  However, if you have to shift up, odds are there will be more breaking bumps and you have to stand through those.  So, you came out clean.  Do you go inside or out?  Again, stick with the inside.  It is the shortest way around the track.

However, as track conditions deteriorate, the inside is not always going to be the right choice.  This goes for both corners.  If it rains, odds are the insides are going to suck you down.  You may get lucky and have a bunch of riders stick to the outside; therefore, the outside is going to get whooped out.  That is why it is important to look ahead.  In softer soils, the track can changed every lap, so you need to keep your head up.  S turns are all about track conditions.  The inside is going to be the faster line, but you have weigh your options when the track gets rough.  Again, have a look at the inside rut article to get a better understanding of insides.

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  1. Dig your posts!! U ever race in GA?

  2. Thanks Edi! I haven’t raced Ga. I want to really bad. From everything that I hear, Ga has some sick tracks.

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