Salvaging Positions

This past race was pretty crazy.  It seems like this season is the epitome of Murphy’s Law; anything that can happen, will happen.  Stewart going down early in the main, knocking himself loopy and then remounts to set the fastest lap time.  On top of all of this, he still jumps the massive wall!  That is one thing every racer has to keep in mind; if there is chance of disaster, it will happen eventually.  Going down in the first turn or later in the race requires control and patience.

One of the most important things to remember when you go down is to relax and stay calm.  When you start to panic and rush, your heart rate goes through the roof and your breathing becomes short, quick gasps.  You want to take a deep breath and concentrate on getting back to your rhythm.  Panicking while riding will only lead to mistakes and arm pump.

Odds are slower riders will have passed you while you were on the ground.  The fundamental race rule is not to follow and this definitely applies here.  Finding alternative lines and smoother parts of the track will help save energy and tear offs.  In the 250 main in Atlanta, Blake Bagget was following Barcia almost the entire race.  He was obviously faster than Barcia, but he was taking his lines and settled into Justin’s pace.  Once you settle into that rhythm, it is tough to get out of.

Last thing to remember is to ride smart.  Stewart can get away with jumping a 10ft wall after hitting the ground because he is the fastest man on Earth…you are not.  Sorry.  By riding smart, you will stay on two wheels and avoid starting your bike again.  This requires so much time and energy that could be used to gain a position or two, instead of losing a few.

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