Security in Protection

By now, everyone in the motocross community has heard about Jesse Masterpool’s unfortunate injury.  The young star looked promising his whole career and I am sure that had he not has this injury, he would be battling the factory riders for a podium spot in a few years.  It seems like the serious injuries started with Ernesto Fonseca (now I am not saying that his was the only serious injury), but it seems like we are hearing more and more stories of spinal cord injuries or even fatal accidents.

Everyone knows what they are getting into when they ride a dirtbike, that’s why we ride. It seems like racing in general has taken on a new level and things are getting serious; even in the amateur ranks, kids are getting bikes that rival professional race teams.  The speed is getting ridiculous and the bikes and equipment get better and better each passing year.  If you throw a pipe on a 450, odds are, you will be pushing the low 50’s in horsepower.

That is just crazy.  Most people can’t even handle the stock power, let alone a modified beast.  However, with the technology advancements in mechanics, the advancements in protection have stepped up as well.  The Leatt Brace has saved thousands of riders from paralysis and chest protectors are not just a piece of plastic anymore.  Now I know that some of the protection costs a pretty penny, but having that security is well worth the cost.

I have crashed, washed out and swapped out too many times to count, but I was able to walk away from each one (knock on wood) because I had a quality helmet, neck protection, and a chest protector.  At first I felt like I couldn’t even move with everything on, but now I feel naked without everything.  Leatt, EVS and other companies are coming out with some great stuff and I urge everyone to look into their products.

I don’t know Jesse nor I have met him, but I have him in my thoughts and hoping for the best.  Please, try and save up, beg your parents or do whatever you have to (legally) to protect yourself so you can keep doing what you love…riding.

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