Soakin’ it up

J-LawEveryone wants to scrub like JS7.  He makes it look effortless and fluid; making the rest of us mortals to think that we can do it.  However, you don’t run before you can crawl, so you have to take it slow.  Most of the time, people just try to turn the bars on the face of the jump and get the back end out.  That does nothing for your lap time and it only looks cool in the Beginner class.  So, where do you start?  The best way to stay lower on jumps is to soak it up.

This is a hell of a lot easier than the scrub.  Scrubbing takes commitment, skill and a lot of speed.  If you don’t have any of these, try to soak jumps up first.  The first thing you want to do is approach the face of the jump with more speed than normal.  This gives you plenty of momentum and drive to get over the jump without coming up short.  As you get closer to the face, you want to be in attack position, but your body needs to be further away from the bike as possible.

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As you feel the suspension compress, stay in your “further” attack position.  Just as you get the front wheel in front of the lip, you want to bend your knees and elbows; throwing your chest towards the bars and hips to the seat.  Don’t slam your body into the bike; you want this to be one controlled, quick motion.  When you throw your weight into the bike, the rebounding suspension is met with your body weight.  Your weight sends downward momentum to counteract the upward, rebounding suspension.  It sounds more complicated than it really is.  This takes timing and getting use to.  This works really well on jumps where scrubbing isn’t necessary and it can save you a lot of hang time once you get it down, no pun intended.  Try it on singles to feel it out.

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