Solid Foundation Means a Solid Rider

The G.O.A.T. displaying excellent form.I know I talk a lot about “remembering the basics.”  I have implied that everyone knows the proper form to keep at all times.  So I thought I would go over a few of the things to remember when you are riding.  These go for any type of riding and they are the foundation to go fast.  Learn these first, then go fast or you’ll be spending more time with an EMT than your bike. 

Head Up

Always, always keep your head up.  You want to be looking at the next obstacle so you can choose lines, spot kickers or see downed riders.  This is especially useful in rutted up situations.  If you are looking down at your fender, you’re going to get cross rutted, let off the gas and lose momentum.  You need to look at the end of the rut and be smooth with the throttle.

Smooth is always better

A smooth throttle application is always better than just stabbing the gas.  You get more traction, which equals more drive and you don’t get yourself out of rhythm when the power hits abruptly.  You can get on the gas harder in softer soil, but for the most part, keep your speed up so you don’t have to kill your clutch.

Keep your elbows up

This is a big thing with beginners.  Keeping your elbows up helps you control the bike to prevent head shake, for instance.  Also, in turns it provides more traction on the front wheel.   For example, if you drop your elbow when exiting a turn, you don’t have that control needed to keep your line and you will drift out…possibly into a slow line. 

Grip with your legs

This goes along with your elbows up.  By gripping with your legs, you keep the bike from swapping out and getting out from under you.  This is probably the biggest thing to remember.  Your leg muscles are larger than your upper body muscles, so they can take more stress.  Therefore, gripping with your legs allows your arms to last longer in the moto without pumping up. 

These are the main techniques to remember.  They are the foundation of any good rider.  If you watch pros, they have good form in almost any picture.  If you are having trouble with getting faster, try working on these.  After a while you will make these techniques habits and it will just be part of your style.

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