Take a Deep Breath

It might sound stupid, but this will make a difference.In a lot of race situations, especially off the start or in a tricky section, I would always catch myself holding my breath.  This is bad because you don’t get oxygen to the muscles.  And when this happens, you build up lactic acid and you muscles fatigue much quicker.  This leads to arm pump and “throwin’ out the anchor” mid moto.

There are two ways to get energy to your muscles; the aerobic and anaerobic way.  When you are just cruising at a normal pace on the track, you use your aerobic system and your muscles get plenty of oxygen.  Because you are not exerting a lot of energy at once, your blood has enough oxygen in it to get your body energy.

However, when you are battling with someone in a rhythm section, you are using a lot of energy to get through the section fast and your heart rate is probably through the roof.  In this case, you might not have enough oxygen in the blood stream.  So, your body breaks down glucose into pyruvate.  Then your body converts the pyruvate into lactic acid so you can break down the remaining glucose for energy.

The burning sensation you feel is the lactic acid.  This is why it is really important for you to breath during your moto.  You supply the muscles with plenty of oxygen and when you do get into a tough position, you won’t have as much lactic acid.  I would always have this problem at the end of the moto when I would push for a few more positions.  I would hold my breath and come off the track panting.  I would pump up and I was exhausted.

That is why you need to make practice breathing, as stupid as it sounds.  You want deep breaths from your diaphragm, not your stomach.  This not only helps lower your heart rate, but you will get more oxygen per breath.  Practice this on your stationary bike and every time you train.  Pretty soon it will be a habit to breathe deep and you’ll be able to last longer on the track.

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