Advanced Weight Training

These little things help you keep your form on the weekends.  Get friendly with them!Confusing your body is the best way to get results.  That’s what all the “at home” work out videos preach.  Although most of those don’t produce desirable results – except for P90X – the idea of muscle confusion is correct.  This applies to cardio and weight training.  If you keep running the same amount of miles per session, your body will get used to mileage and you won’t get the same benefits.  This is especially true in weight training.  If you are moving up to a bigger bike, getting your strength up is key.  So, instead of hitting the gym the same way you have been for a while, why not mix it up?

The following weight training techniques are for those of you who have been strength training for a while.  When I say a while, I mean you have been consistently working with weights for at least 6 weeks.  These techniques will obviously help with your strength, but they will more importantly help with your muscular endurance.  You don’t need to these often, maybe a few times a month at the most.

Negative Reps

These are best done when you are done with at the end of your workout.  When you are too tired to “contract” or have a “positive” movement, you can still have enough strength to do “negative” reps.  For example, if you are doing Lat pull downs for your back; you can do your regular set of reps.  Then, when you’re done with your last set, add a little bit more weight and have a friend pull the bar down with you.  Now, you slowly let the bar up.  This is the opposite of the normal rep and you use every once strength and endurance you have left.


These are done when you perform 2 exercises in a row without stopping.  For example, it’s your chest and back day.  You can do your normal bench then hit up some pull ups.  As soon as you’re done with the pull ups, go straight to the bench press.  This gives your muscles the minimum amount of rest, yet you still have enough to get through the sets.


This is my favorite.  Not because of the name but because of the benefits you get.  This is when you go until you can’t get another rep, and then you have a friend take off some weight.  For example, you are doing squats and get one last out.  Now, you take off maybe the 5 lbs. plates on each side and keep doing your squats.  Keep “stripping” the weight off the bar until you are down to the bar.  This pushes your muscles to the limit and your anaerobic system is in the red zone.

These are a few of my favorites.  In each one of these, you reap some major moto benefits and get your muscular endurance going.  And as you know, muscular endurance helps keep your form in the later part of the moto.  So this is crucial for all aspects of riding.  Remember, you only need to do these for each muscle group once or twice a month, at the most…or you’ll be sore for a week and you risk tearing something.

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