Anaheim 1

Tomorrow is the big day.  The 2011 Supercross season starts.  There is always hype before the first drop of the gate, but this year is different.  You have previous champions trying to prove a point and remind everyone why they are the real deal.  Then you have the rookies looking to keep the winning ways with the big guys.  And you still have guys that have won championships on 250f’s, but luck just hasn’t gone their way.  This just makes for an epic main event.  And I’m not just saying that.

Let’s break the “Top 4” down.  First, you have James Stewart.  After getting hurt last SX season and attempting to make a comeback at Unidilla, he has to come out swinging.  They say the series isn’t won in the first race, but for James, he needs to establish his previous dominance quickly.  Chad Reed has his own team and has talked some big game.  He has always been resilient and the Aussie is one tough S.O.B.  Can he handle the responsibility of a team owner and still win?  Then there is RV2.  The red head had terrible luck last year and ended the season with a broken leg.  Of all the four riders, in my opinion, Villopoto has the most to prove.  He had so much momentum coming from Mitch’s team and has been out of commission most of the time on 450s.  This leaves the defending champ, Dungey.  The “Dunge” was leading the series until RV2 made a miraculous comeback charge until he crashed out.  With all 3 opponents healthy, Dungey will have his hands full.  Making a statement and giving everyone a reason as to why he is the champ starts at A1.  The kid is a machine and will be consistent, no matter what.

Then you have the rookies.  Unfortunately, Jake Weimer is out with a broken arm.  After winning the West coast title last year, I was really looking forward to how he would handle the 17 rounds on the 450.  Trey Canard has big expectations on him.  Honda paid big money for him and he is the front runner for Big Red.  After last’s impressive performance, he could be podium material consistently.  His new teammate, Josh Grant, won A1 2 years ago.  He has the talent and the equipment; he just needs to put the puzzle together.  The “ex” Honda rider, Andrew Short made a huge transition to KTM.  He is always consistent, but hasn’t won.  He has been so close, but not quite there.  I don’t know if that 350sx will be enough to win however.  And you can’t forget about Kevin Windham.  The man is legend.  Each year he comes back and battles tooth and nail with everyone, young or old.  Windham will be up there and if the weather turns nasty, he will win.

And this isn’t even half of the class!  You have Kyle Regal, Tommy Hahn, Nick Wey, Mike Alessi, Ivan Tedesco, Davi Millsaps, Austin Stroupe and Matt Goerke.  All of these guys are extremely fast.  Think about it.  Every one of these riders have challenged for a win multiple times.  These are big name riders!  To make the main event this year would be an incredible feat.  I am sure I have forgotten riders, but the list is just ridiculous.  If you look at the results and see someone in 15th, don’t, for one second, think that they suck.  This is the most stacked I have seen this class.  And what’s great is that everyone has something to prove.  Everyone believes that they will legitimately win and that makes for great racing.  Remember, it is on live tomorrow night so be ready!!!!

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