Balance Training 101

One thing that will forever remain constant in motocross is balance training.  Entering corners, jumping and running over whoops all require a certain degree of balance.  Maintaining that perfect sense of equilibrium through a corner is the greatest feeling in the world.  Having a strong sense of balance will also help when things get a little out of hand in the rough stuff.  To achieve this type of training, bosu and/or medicine balls are essential.

At first glance, medicine balls look like they are for a middle aged woman in Pilate’s class, but these can add an extra dimension to any training program.  In addition to balance training, using these medicine and bosu balls can add stability and strength to your lower body; mainly your ankles and knees.  The key with this type of exercise is to take it slow.  Starting with the bosu balls will keep you lower to the ground.

Doing everything from simple body squats to shoulder presses can be done.  With the body weight exercises, you can do higher reps to get the ankle stability up.  Be careful with weighted exercises such as dumbbell presses and shoulder presses: I’ve seen too many injuries because people went too heavy.  If you don’t have access to a medicine or bosu ball, you can use a PVC pipe and wooden board to get a simple effect.  It won’t target your ankles quite as much, but it will get the job done.

If you really need to work on your balance, you can do an entire workout on the balls or you can add an exercise or two in your normal program. Here’s a great example of a body squat on a bosu ball:

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