Boxing for Motocross

Quick hands and hand eye coordination can help you in any sport and motocross is no exception.  One way to work on your quickness is to box.  Boxers are always in great shape and have excellent hand speed.  So, why box?  Well, for starters, the constant movement of the upper body helps promote both aerobic and anaerobic levels; as well as muscular endurance.  The speed work with your hands also helps you with reaction time (starts!)

This is a little extreme, but boxing will help a lot in your training.  As with any workout, warming up is critical.  So some jumping jacks or jump rope should get the heart rate up and your tendons/ muscles loosened.  Then you can begin your normal stretching.  Make sure you get a good stretch because this is a more explosive workout.  Follow this up with some pushups to get that upper body pumped.  Then stretch one more time for good measure; better safe than sorry.

The proper form also helps a lot.  I am neither a boxer nor a boxing trainer.  However, from what I have read and researched, the basic form and punches are not hard to understand.  First, you have to get your stance down.  It is the normal stance you would see in Rocky or any other movie.  Your feet are shoulder width apart, elbows tucked in with your forearms up straight.  I am right handed, so I would present my left shoulder first and vise versa for lefties.  Jabs are pretty much a quick punch with your lead hand with your palm down and fist relaxed.  Your straight right hand is a harder punch to get down.  You want to twist your core and pivot your back foot.  Do not dip your shoulder; it’s like a jab from your back hand.

Two more punches you need to know about before hitting the bags.  The next punch is the hook.  This gets a little complicated.  You begin by shifting your weight to your left side.  Bring up the left elbow and bring it around with your fist rotating and palm down.  The last one is your uppercut.  This uses a lot more lower body than you might think.  You want to dip the left elbow down, close to the hip.  Using your legs and core, explode up with the left side of your body.

Can you remember all of that?  It’s a lot to remember, but practice them a few times and it’ll come easier.  Once you get them down, start out with a 3 minute round of jabs and then take a 1 minute rest before your next 3 minute round.  Switch it up with the combinations.  Try 2 jabs followed by a straight right or a straight right, jab to uppercut.  Don’t forget to switch hands with your uppercuts and hooks.  That way, you get both sides worked evenly.

If you aren’t used to this, start out with about 4 or 5, 2 minute rounds.  Then work your way to maybe 5 or 6, 3 minute rounds.  This is a great way to hit your cardio and it is more fun than the stationary bike.  If you have gloves and a friend, take turns holding up your gloves and hitting the gloves.  Getting faster helps the intensity of the workout and your reaction time.  Be creative with this and you will look forward to going to the gym on those overcast, winter days.

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